Mobile forms usless?


should i use the mobile framework or just stop?
i had high hopes with the


Hello, your question is not really clear. What exactly do you mean by your post?


i mean that mobile framework (framework7) forms do not work.

you cant use server actions with mobile forms.

i posted this problem a week ago here and no response was made by your team


An update is coming for Framework 7 v2 and this will be improved there :slight_smile:


and when is that please?
how can anyone make mobile app with no functioning forms :grinning:

this is critical feature.


Well, you can create any kind of mobile app.
Framework 7 version 2 is coming in a couple of weeks.


take your time

i will just make my mobile app with no login… or insert… or update… its fine.

my users will be happy just like me.


Is a timeframe of 2 weeks really breaking your mobile app? Do you really wait for the last day to integrate login, insert, update etc.?
So is it a huge issue to build everything else and then add the login functionality at the end, after a couple of weeks?


it will be 3 weeks since the release of wappler
and the minimum requirement to start working is the ability to insert and view data
how can you even start without that?

i was able to make the menu and the pages in one day thanks to wappler
but im stuck for 2 more weeks waiting now to be able to use the forms.

sure you can hot fix this.


We have released wappler exactly one week ago actually.


I mean to add the functionality
1 week past + 2 weeks that you said