Mobile App - Server Connect Security Provider

Can someone who has got this working on mobile please confirm that it does work on iOS?

If so, anything that needs to be changed/added in info.plist or config files?

1 step further:

Added “Core Data persistent store type = In Memory” to info.plist config. My login executes with success since a notification on success displays that I set up. But a query based on the user security var/id does not show any user info. So somewhere the security provider is not picked up

That seem to have been the only thing needed to get it working. So thankful! Also have image uploads working.

One thing I learnt is that one can force your app to open in an in app browser using this extension. It is very versitile for opening links, but not needed for server connect and app connect to work at all.

Another thing is that on the API side of your apps all links are relative, just as you would use them on a website. Since the php file runs on the API server, it uses relative links for file saving etc.

Spoke too soon. Image uploads works in emulator but not on phone. Getting SSL error…