Mobile App Framework7 > Android emulator > Login Screen > display SC instead of the page

Hi everybody,
I’m finishing tests for my Mobile App (F7 + Capacitor).
Browser test are almost done and i decided to try emulate the app on Android.

The app loads correctly and display automatically my Login Screen (Wappler F7 component).

(Note : by default the login button is a <a href> and doesn’t work 'till modifying in <button> tag > maybe we could create a “tips” category with all these little tips.)

By clicking on the submit button the SC result is loaded and displays : “Unauthorized” or queryGetUserInfos’s result when credentials are corrects

I expect to display an “unauthorized” alert or closing the Login popup Screen and display “home” just like using the browser.

Thanks for your help!

Add : The “Reset / Forgot” link > doesn’t load the reset popup as expected

any idea ?
this means I can’t emulate my APP… ie I can’t publish it.