Mobile App Dynamic MySql

I would like to create a mobile app with Wappler, with an existing MySql database connection (the same of the site)
How should I do with Wappler. Is there a tutorial?
Thank you

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Good question. Iā€˜m also interested in using the same DB source and maybe go with Cordova and that new Framework which is built in Wappler.

Only tutorials on it so far are.

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Framework 7 - Setup a new Mobile Project

Framework 7 - Including the Framework on your Mobile App

Apache Cordova Builder - System Checking Procedure

Apache Cordova Builder - Add or Remove Mobile App Building Platforms

Then look for all posts from @pixlapps and as far as I can recall there were also some from @brad

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Are you asking about tutorials on the mobile app creation, on using the existing DB or both?

I think the above covers the mobile app and connected frameworks, but for the existing DB you just need to be certain to create your Target connection to the (I assume) external DB. The Wappler documentation have several notes on how to accomplish this.

Yes, in fact I later realized by reading the various tutorials, how to use GB connections for a mobile project
Thank You