Mobile App and website project temporarily hide the website

Hi all,

I have a job with a back end project (database and website) and mobile app project (gets the data from back end).

They have an existing website hosted on Squarespace at

I need to go live with the mobile app but not the website.

The app will communicate with the backend via the domain (made up obviously) which the DNS will point to the live backend server.

Then later I will change the DNS of to point at the live server when they want the website launched.

I will be using portainer and traefik to manage the docker and SSL on the live server.

My question is, how do I set this up so that if someone visits in their browser they get redirected to

This way the new website stays hidden until the DNS for is changed to point at my live server rather than their current host?

Would this be on the server, in Wappler or using traefik?



I think I might have found a solution using routes.

Change the / route to a redirect rather than the original page /index.html

API’s still work and yes, a user may get to another page (eg but I can live with that for now or until I find a better way of doing it.

So routes worked but Wappler seemed to revert the route to its original settings, not sure why so I have gone “Old School” for now and added a redirect to the index page of the live target -

<!-- Temp redirect until this site goes live -->
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=''" />

Then when the client is ready to commit and launch the new site, I can remove it :slight_smile: