Mixing Older Bootstrap 3 Pages With New Wappler Bootstrap 4 Pages

I’m concerned about some issues that I ran into when combining older pages with the newer version of Wappler. I tried to update a couple of pages from early 2017 that used the Bootstrap 3 framework by using the most recent 1.1.2 Wappler editor.

It was after the conversion process that I began to suspect there may be issues when I saw the autoupdate start replacing many of the older DMX files with their newer versions. When I finished the pages that I wanted to update, the connectivity between the data on some the lists areas on the pages failed.

After several attempts to resolve the issues within Wappler, due to downtime constraints, I had to backdown to DW and use the bootstrap 3 person to rebuild the pages – mostly due to my time constraints. It’s all back up and running now, however it left me a bit leery about trying it again.

From now on, it will be a local controlled test area rather than messing with minor edits on a live sight. Ha!

Should I not try to mix these two platforms? Or was it just a fluke on my part? Thanks for any suggestions.

What I do is to keep in DW (especially BS3) pages separate from Wappler. For example I have some websites that still in development that were started on DW and BS3. I prefer to continue with htis technology, since any local tests I have made (from BS3 to BS4) break the pages. Maybe the conversion from BS3 to BS4 can be easilly done when the layout has been developed with DMXzone BS3.

But If the layout is based on BS3 template or with another software it is safer to keep them seperated. I prefer to work with BS4 layouts right from the begining rather than converting them.

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Just to clarify - Wappler supports only Bootstrap 4 pages. At least for editing with the provided visual tools.
So Bootstrap 4 is recognized and is editable in the App Structure.

If you open Bootstrap 3 page - well it renders and you can all edit it by yourself as you wish. It is just that You won’t see the Wappler provided Bootstrap integration, but it is completely save to open

We also have a nice Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 convertor in Wappler. So when you open a Bootstrap 3 page in Wappler - and then try to add Bootstrap 4 to the page - it will detect that you are using Bootstrap 3 and offer you to convert it to Bootstrap 4.

Do now that there is a big difference between Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4, so even if we took care of the most of the conversions - there are still things that you have to fix manually. So always keep a backup before converting.

Yes it is always much safer to keep BS3 as is and not converting. This does not have to do with the quality of the conversion that Wappler does. As @George says there are many differences between BS3 & BS4 that personally I would start from scratch a BS4 version. If the website is allready in heavy development with BS3 go on with it. If not try a fresh start with BS4. After all, these ‘high times’ of moving from DW to Wappler have their creative cost and experimentation