Mixing DMXZone DW Extensions and Wappler cause any issues?

As I have mentioned before, I have a site that will need to be redone soon that uses a simple shopping cart. It uses the Dreamweaver extension for PayPal from DMXZone.

Since that extension isn’t reliant on any other extension is it possible to redo the site in Wappler and then take the site into Dreamweaver to add the Shopping Cart functions? Will it cause any conflicts or overwrite any more updated code?

Hi Brad,
Please take a look at:

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@brad I’ve recently built two shopping carts by using @ben cart tutorial and the stripe tutorial. Agreed its not as nice/easy as the DMXzone paypal extension which I have also used. Its more work to set it up this way, but I was actually surprised how easy it was (maybe not easy, but also not as difficult as I thought it might be) And now with the data store component might be even easier than that. I guess my point is don’t be scared to try it this way on a new site rebuild?

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That’s right, the data store component makes this really easy! You have a running shopping cart and a checkout page in about 15 mins :slight_smile:
Also you can really design it and customize every aspect of it per your site needs and not rely only on the built-in functionality.

Thanks guys. I will take a look at that tutorial. I’m afraid I’m not smart enough for Stripe API (or any external API).

I’d like to see some examples of real live carts built with Wappler.

I have a very simple use case … here is what I need to recreate.


Should be simple. And needs to be simple for the end user as well.

Then it’s even easier - as you don’t have edit quantity buttons and different options per product.
Please take a look at the tutorial - it explains how the Data Store component works - it’s really really easy but really powerful.

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