Minor annoying issue - Form ID overwritten (kinda bug)

Wappler Version : W4 B13
Operating System : Mac M1
Server Model: Node JS
Database Type: Maria
Hosting Type: AWS Docker

When you add a form to a BS5 page (haven’t tested with BS4), if you change the ID of the form before making it a Server Connect Form, the ID is overwritten to serverconnectform{number} rather than leaving the ID that you gave it.

Ah. On further investigation, if the custom ID you give it starts with ‘form’ it overwrites it.

I’m not convinced it’s necessary to change the ID on conversion from form to SC form (unless it’s empty). Adding a form element already produces an ID in the UI and many people will use a structure ‘form_formpurpose’ for their IDs, creating the confusion/duplicated effort.

Scratch that - I thought that was the case but it seems that running the form generator (not the initial conversion to SC form) causes the ID to update and does not respect the added ID.