Migrate Wappler 5.8.2 to Wappler 6.1.2

I have several projects that I upkeep at various times of need. Is it safe to install Wappler 6.1.2 and use the newer version(s) to make these adjustments to older Wappler 5.8.2 projects?

Would it be better, if possible, to install Wappler 6.1.2 on another machine and keep the older Wappler 5.8.2 managed projects on another machine?

It could but eventually at some point you should upgrade your projects… I know its “scary” but it will be done at some point.
Maybe start from an “easy” project, see how it goes and what difficulties will come up to you (if there are any) and you go on with the others.

I have officially moved all my projects to the latest and beta versions. Even projects that are several years old. Everything is working fine. The team has done a great job with backward compatibility.


Thank you Brad.

Thanks famousmag!

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The nice thing about doing it now and running beta extensions is you can still undo it and switch back to stable. Of course, always back up your project first.

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Good point… and good advice!


When you have some free time, could you give me some steps and/or recommendations on setting up a MAMP PRO local web server? I am really needing to update to Wappler 6+ and I would like to migrate our projects to something completely separate from the existing and older projects. I believe I would not feel so apprehensive if I could have a playground to get used to the changes.

I appreciate your time. Thanks!


Hi JR,

What part are you stuck on? Do you already have MAMP installed on your machine? It’s been a few years since I installed it so don’t recall the exact install steps. But once you get it installed it is pretty straight forward and I’d be more than happy to help you out.

You sound like me. At 67 yrs. old, the memory banks seem to be getting smaller. Ha!

I’ve installed the application, and I had hopes that I could put the projects on a T7. However, I read somewhere that the projects have to be on the MAMP installation root htdocs. Then I read where there’s an exception to that by putting the projects up in a dropbox cloud.

Any suggestions?

I personally use the htdocs folder for all of my projects.

I find that using a cloud service such as OneDrive or DropBox really messes with Wappler.

Why not just use the htdocs folder?

And yes, those of us in our 60s have additional challenges lol

Yes, I ran into issues with iCloud appending Wappler files with a space and an incremental number. That caused all kinds of fret until I realized what was happening.

I’ll try the HTDOCS folder.

So how do you keep the “testing area” separate from the “live area”? Do I need to setup a two target setup: one for the remote, and another for the local?

Yes, set up a new target and set it as ‘Development’.

Should the project settings look similar to this image?

Not sure about that question?

But to open MAMP and set up your projects, open MAMP Pro.

Your target should look similar to this

Okay, I will set it up similar to your image and see what happens.

So far no go… I’m going to have to re-start and see if I can find my error(s).

I’ll get back to you in a little while.

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What are you having problems with? Or what hurdles are you running into? MAMP PRO is a very useful and capable tool for a local server.

I’m trying to connect to the MAMP server. Here are my settings:

Your settings look correct. Are you sure MAMP is running? (Blue Elephant)