Member made video tutorials

Just wondered how people felt and if there is any team policy on members publishing their own video tutorials. Wappler is still pretty reliant on older DMX Zone extension videos, some of which are ideal, some not so relevant/accurate to Wappler. There are few dedicated Wappler tutorials by comparison.
I sometimes make videos a a reminder to myself later and wondered about the usefulness of publishing these.
Clearly there would need to be a approval/ Quality control aspect introduced as they have to be correct, reasonable quality and relevant.
Also some members may like to contribute by remastering existing DMX zone videos in Wappler?
How do members and the Wappler team feel about this?

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Any training would be welcomed.


They promote members doing their own tutorial videos, I have done some already and am busy working on more, newer ones, haven’t done any for about 2 months now.

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We encourage and fully support Wappler users in creating their own videos!

Videos from Wappler users are showing the practical usage and are great learning base for other users.

So do produce as many Wappler videos as you wish!

We already have few videos from @drymetal and @psweb and the best ones we even publish to our YouTube channel at:

Would love to see the ones done by @drymetal any chance of a link. I am busy putting a new one together currently.

Just check the ones uploaded to our YouTube channel :wink:

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Yes Chad is doing some great work with the videos on our YouTube channel - he redid them with great quality and better explanation.

And @drymetal is getting better and better! Love his latest one check it on Wappler’s YouTube channel

Awesome, cant wait to see them all, thats really awesome, hopefully one day we can have video to cover most of whats going on.


That's awesome! I need someone to do one that good for getting started with Framework7.

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Me too, lol, im with Brad on this one.

Well once we covered the web design and bootstrap stuff we will definitely dive into the mobile development and Framework7 videos

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We’ve already uploaded the latest video from @drymetal to our youtube channel :slight_smile: You can take a look guys, that’s a really nice introduction and shows how easy it is to work with Bootstrap 4 in Wappler:


Quick question for members. What do you use to record your Wappler Videos? (i’m a windows user). I have used Screen-0-Matic in the past which is very good but leaves a watermark and I am too mean to pay for the pro version.
Suggestions appreciated

We use Camtasia and is a great video tool for the Windows users!

Thanks @George, just not sure i want to spend $245

If you use Windows 10 then you can use the Windows 10 Game Bar which is build in, it is for games but works with other apps also. You can make screenshots, record videos or even do streaming.

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Thanks @patrick Completely forgot about GameBar, seems to do a good job

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Just to make everyone aware and to prevent duplication i am in the process of preparing a set of basic SCRUD tutorials. Hopefully it will cover all the basic fundamentals for creating a SCRUD based system

The topics will be:

  • Creating a basic bootstrap table
  • Column sorting and paging and searching
  • Linking and creating to a child update page
  • Creating an update page
  • Adding success/ failure messages to updates
  • Inserting new entries
  • Deleting entries
  • Securing your system and password encryption.

Should be finished by the end of the week with luck


Brilliant @Hyperbytes, I might have a little overlap on my videos, but mine are very much based upon creating a project from start to finish rather than creating a particular step or using a particular tool, just showing whatever is needed in order to get the project complete.
As an example I will also have a login step with 3 user roles using SHA256 with a SALT and a database password type, but i have no need to cover any of the other encryption types or single sign on passwords.
I will have many many database queries but 99% of them are quite basic functionality, a couple joins and a where clause that will always be simple, but I have no need to show aliases or explain why i would use or need them, also I have no conditions in any of my where clauses, honestly because even though @TomD tried to explain it to me, I was clearly too dumb to catch on properly, so I don’t use them because I don’t really know how.
I am already about 5 videos in and I will probably have about 20 to complete the project, also hoping to complete by end of this new week.

So looking forward to seeing everything the members come up with, exciting times.

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@drymetal should also check with his TOC - but I don’t think it will be much of overlap

go for it @Hyperbytes - looking forward to see the result!

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