MD Bootstrap, Material Design

Would be nice to have Bootstrap Materialdesign, they have very nice cards and rich design and alot of wappler feature requests could be solved with that. But maybe its a „pro“ plugin…?

My Question: I see there is a pro version also and maybe it could be added like Fontawesome in two editions. (basic/pro).

Maybe they would agree with a deal with wappler, discount or similar.

And the next question is about editable table. How would it be possible to store back infos? I mean it would be so amazing helpful to have this for admin use!

Gradients here

does the new version of wappler have this feature?? MD Boostrap, material design???

Hello, MD Bootstrap is not available in Wappler, but we've added a Theme Manager which allows you to customize your Bootstrap 4 styles, so please check it out:

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We use MD design quite often in our projects. Just add the css files and you are good.


we have used this theme with Wappler:

works well for most part. couple of quirks you need to figure out depending on the components you use.

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Is it possible to use mdbootstrap css & scss in wappler like how it’s achieved in this pinegrow article? -

I have never used pinegrow, but found it relevant as I was exploring mdbootstrap as I’m after a nicer design. I’m aware of wappler theme manager, but I’m after some out-of-the-box mdbootstrap components… (eg, editable table like this -

Just link it after your bootstrap css file. Be sure and include the javascript files also.

	<link rel="stylesheet" href="../bootstrap/4/css/bootstrap.min.css" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="../css/mdb.min.css" />

We have several projects with MDBootstrap Pro.


I see most of the very cool features are extra third party plugin purchases though. Not sure how that would work. But there is definitely some cool features. I’m going to look further into them and see if I can add any of it to my dashboard project.

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True, there are a lot of add ons, but we have the pro package and a lot of the features are just css. We don’t have any of the 3rd party extra plugins.

how do you manage to make is working in the “design” section of Wappler.
I did some test and got it working in the browser but there is no CSS applied in the design section of Wappler.

If this does not help

then I do not understand your question. Please elaborate.

I did that, but will reload Wappler and double check.

working fine, add to add bootstrap at content page too.