Max Length Validation Not displaying

The validation is not displaying when the input hits the 26th character.

Anyone see what I’m missing?

Does the validation error show when you submit the form?

No, it doesn’t.

As this is maximum length, it stops data entry at 25 characters - thus there’s no error, right?

Ah right. That is how it should work I suppose.
So the problem is that there is no user feedback that they cannot enter more characters?


Since its not an error but a hard-limit, the UX is OK in my mind.
Few ways to improve it:

  1. Tell the user that there is a max character limit in the label of the input. EG: First Name (upto 25 characters).
  2. Show a character count in label. EG: (14/25)
  3. Add character limit information in placeholder.
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Thanks Sid, An InnerText display of the length accomplished the UX I was looking for.