Master Detail page only returns first record

I used the Master-Detail Relationship with App Connect tutorial:

However, my finished product will only return the first record on my detail page (regardless of whether I click the first record or 15th record). Detail of first record remains on page after every subsequent click.

My link is on the “ID” variable.

Here’s what my live view currently looks like:

And here’s my code:

Hi Matt,

I think this line:

<tr dmx-on:click="id.setValue([0].ID)">

should be:
<tr dmx-on:click="id.setValue(ID)">


Yes, in the data picker make sure you have selected the value in the repeat region of the table body , not the server connection or this will always just return the first value.




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That worked. Thank you Ken!

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Another approach - perhaps simpler - is using the Data Detail component. I don’t think this has been covered in the Wappler docs yet, but it works in the same way as described here.

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