Marketplace Real Estate


Great work. The website site looks good.
If you could share some insights on its features and how Wappler helped in building this, it would be great.

Also a quick note: you need to fix the heights on your cards. In screenshot above & the home page as well.
A peek in dev tools suggests you are using margin-bottom inside the column div. Instead, apply it on the col itself and with some more flex magic on the inside elements, things will look perfectly aligned. And you can do it all with just bootstrap classes. No custom CSS needed either. Try it out.


Beautiful site. Like very much.

Fala professor, Guga aqui, mais um belo trabalho heim!!! Curti muito. Parabéns

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We do a lot of property (I’d say we specialise) type sites especially for management scenarios and team assignments/tasks. How many of us are in the property sector here?

Nice work @AdrianoLuiz

Estou também em Portugal assim como orador companheiro PT / BR eu gostaria de dizer excelente trabalho meu amigo!

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Awesome, my friend!!

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Olá Davi não sabia que falava português meu amigo isso é incrível.
muitos anos de Wappler e não sabia disso olha só :partying_face:

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Thank you I will do it for sure

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This is lovely. The filtering is built very well, too. Very nice work.


And another example of how fast Wappler-built sites run.