Marcel Schmidt/Pixl Apps Personal Portfolio Wesite

Firstly I just want to say the Africa Collection Website is an incredible “labour of love” and I feel quite intimidated following that example built by @psweb.

None the less, this hopefully just shows the flexibility of Wappler and how it can be used for so many types of sites and web apps. Big and small. Data driven or not.

My original portfolio was done with a Wordpress Theme called Semplice. I only had an earlier version of the theme and editing and maintaining new projects was cumbersome and took some time to understand and then also implement.

I was “lucky” to loose my Wordpress database during a migration last year and just never got around to redoing the site. The original site had only 4 project showcases and I wanted to display my experience as well as UX, Dev and UI design skills. That plan included a couple more project case studies.

The site had to take backseat to the content since it is all about showcasing other work. I also wanted to keep it super simple. So with my Macbook, Wappler and Sketch for wire framing, UI design and screenshots, I set out to rebuild the site as quickly and professionally as possible.

Build as a single page app. In terms of Frameworks, I used Bootstrap with Simplex theme and App Connect for front end. Some animations form App Connect. Custom css of about 150 lines where I just resize titles and animate the box shadows on the work page.

Site is hosted on Cloudways - Setting up a LAMP server was super easy and super affordable.



Really nice!
Great work, Marcel, thanks for sharing!

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Love it Marcel, and thanks for the compliment, haha, very smooth little slick animations, doesn’t detract from the work, really think it looks great, well done.

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Going to be watching this one close!