Make Conditional Region Bug (I Think)

I assume the Make Conditional Region on a repeat element allows me to say only repeat this element when this condition is true, in my case i have a repeat from a database query, and i want it to only repeat all images that do NOT have the extension of .pdf

My condition should look like this i think
But it will not allow this, here are some screenshots, in the first i click Make Conditional Region in the App Structure Properties Panel

Then in this second screenshot, i choose pop_image from the repeat_pop_images repeater and click the data formatter magic wand symbol and a pop up box comes up with an error "Unknown variable pop_image!


Hello Paul,

Conditional region renders the content or doesn’t render the content depending on the condition set, it does not affect repeats.

You can wrap your repeats in a conditional region, so that they won’t get executed if the condition is not met.

So should the Make Conditional Region button even be available when i have that repeat selected as no matter what condition i try in my list all of them say Unknown variable XYZ!

The thing is the conditional region does not affect whether the repeat runs or not. It is for rendering the data on the page, not for limiting how the repeat functions.

Ok, i think i got the concept now, thanks @Teodor