Make Calendar element Printable

I would like to be able to print a page with the calendar element.

On week view it will only show up to Thursday when it is in the print preview.
Is there a setting or some CSS I can do to set it to show the full week?
I know it is probably something simple I am missing.

There are easy workarounds and difficult ones.

Easy option(s):

  • just try rotating the print to Landscape orientation in the Print settings window in your screenshot
  • if you need it to be Portrait, change the page margins to something tiny like 0.2" as the margins look really wide on the PDF preview
  • use the "More options" arrow in the print dialog box and reduce print % to something like 75%

Harder option(s):

  • Use custom styling to hide/show elements in a way they fit on a standard printout
  • Optimizing for Print - Docs | FullCalendar offers a premium option with an "adaptable" printable responsive option, but I haven't tried it

If you're going to want end-users to be able to use the print calendar function, I recommend setting something up using the PDF creator and let them print the PDF ... otherwise every end user will have to play with the print settings, whereas a PDF will be the same to all users.

Let us know how it turns out, good luck!

Thanks for the response

I tried all of the easy options without luck, the same page printed great prior to the last major wappler update.

I tried using the pdf creator but it did not work well with the calendar.

I think the only way around it is paying for the premium option.

I'd bet there are other ways if I was guessing, but I haven't worked enough the Full Calendar integration to help specifically.

If it were me, I'd ask myself if the premium calendar option may be difficult in some way to integrate & if this specific ability to print is worth the cost and possible future trouble of maintaining something special on this project.

I'd probably end up going for a simple workaround like a conditional with a table listing the dates in a print-friendly way. This area would be hidden by default above or below the FullCalendar and would need to be live or refresh upon clicking the print button.

Then use the built in print visibility controls to hide the non-print-friendly Full Calendar and turn on printing visibility for the simple table listing the events that you've created. This option might not be worth your time, either -- there's probably a better workaround someone else will know.

Nomad is correct, we went with premium for a few extra features and views like this. Time consuming and not easy to manage. Certainly, takes the low code option out of Wappler. That being said, if you have the time, worth it.

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