Mailer Extension Question

I am trying to configure a contact form using the mailer extension. In going thru the steps outlined in the tutorial:, I get to the step where I am supposed to link the page & form. I am able to link the page, however the dialog will not recognize the form on that page. I have made sure to have an ID & Name for the form. I have tried various things including restarting etc but I am unable to link the form. Any ideas why? This is a PHP based site.


Hi @Jim-Dmm,
Try clicking the convert to button in the form properties panel, and select Server Connect Form, save, and see if that helps?

Thanks. Tried that, still not recognizing.

You are trying to do this in GLOBALS, globals have a different meaning in v5 these docs are old in Wappler 5 GLOBALS are used to setup things like connections to databases, mailers and s3 etc.

To then use this mailer to send mail and do anything else you should be creating a new API action in the API section below GLOBALS

Then try getting the inputs inside the API action

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I have tried adding the server action in the API section. I still receive errors where no form is found. I am wondering if it is in relation to running XAMPP as my own server. The file path in the Linked page looks too lengthy, shouldn’t it be recognizing the file as being in the root directory rather than the long file path?