Mailchimp API - how to pass apiKey to Mailchimp

Hi everybody,

i’m trying to use the Mailchimp API.

After got the API Key, I got the following instructions:


then I set up the api1 in my test page:


setting the api endpoint and in the header


then clicking on fetch schema:

I got the following error:


There is anyone who has experience with Mailchimp api and how to pass them the api key?

Thank you very much


Well as mailchimp warns you - you shouldn't use your API key for client side requests:

and that is what the current App Connect API - is all client side requests.

You should wait a bit more for the server connect implementation that will offer this much securely.

and btw the api key didn't worked in Wappler because the --user field needs to be base64 encoded first to get in the header... but as I said in my doc this is also not advisable:


thank you very much George!!

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yes yes! Serverside Key/Bearer Token passing :ok_hand:t5::grinning:

so did you ever manage to use this

curl -X POST \
  'https://${dc}{list_id}/members?skip_merge_validation=<SOME_BOOLEAN_VALUE>' \
  --user "anystring:${apikey}"' \
  -d '{"email_address":"","email_type":"","status":"subscribed","merge_fields":{},"interests":{},"language":"","vip":false,"location":{"latitude":0,"longitude":0},"marketing_permissions":[],"ip_signup":"","timestamp_signup":"","ip_opt":"","timestamp_opt":"","tags":[]}'

I only get errors… dont know where im wrong…
as i cannot call this API via sever side…
Maybe using the wrong parameters.