macOS Mojave Compatibility

Can you guys just post a status about macOS Mojave compatibility? It is around the corner and if there is one thing I know is that Adobe wasn’t always prepared for OS upgrades. Have you tested with beta versions and will we be able to update our OS on launch?

Hi Marcel, as we are following much closer Google chrome and have always the latest engine in Wappler, we don’t expect any compatibility issues with Mojave. Also using this approach we are not that much system dependent.

So usually it should be all fine but we will know for sure at the final release.

It is also always best to not jump right in a new OS release but wait till it gets more stable in a month or two.

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I use Wappler on Mac with Mojave Beta of 10.14 (18A384a) and for the moment there are no compatibility issues


Way to go @Marzio - you are now officially promoted as Wappler Mojave beta tester :slight_smile:

That honor :grinning:

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