Mac auto updater Installation Error (Can't read the message completely)

While using the auto-update feature of Wappler I get this error after the file was downloaded and the option to install was selected.

The message appears to begin with ENOTEMPTY: directory not… (see attached image)

What steps do I need to take to rectify the update?

You can always download and install it manually.

Yeah, I did. I just thought maybe if it was a problem, they could take a look at it. Thanks!

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I have had this with the last 2 versions, but only on one mac. My other one updates without issues. On the macbook I have to download and do a install like you did.

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Very rarely this happens indeed on the inline update. We haven’t being able to pinpoint the issue yet.

So when this happen indeed just do a full download and install from the Wappler site.

We will be investigating more.

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this was improved in the last Wappler updates