Looking for Wappler freelancer - multiple large projects - full-stack

Hi everybody,

We’re looking for a freelancer to join our team on multiple missions of various complexity. Short description below, and more information about the company here (unrelated FTE offer that presents the company and context in more detail).

Don’t hesitate to reach me for any question related to this mission, a presentation of our projects in more details or just say hello :slight_smile:

Who we are

Early Metrics is a startup rating agency assessing the growth potential of startups and SMEs. Our core products are ratings delivered by analysts. Since 2 years, the company switches to a more digital DNA with tech products being developed and sold to clients. Those products leverage the unique startups and ratings data we have for our clients to have insights on the startup ecosystem, trends, portfolio analysis, startup benchmark…

The company has 40+ team members, 2 offices (Paris, London), 280+ clients, 3500+ rated startups.

The team

The tech team has 4 team members (CTO and 3 developers of various seniority levels). We work in sprints of one week with a product owner, a product manager, a UX/UI designer to deliver multiple products, the most recent ones using Wappler. Older projects (internal apps) are done in custom development (React/Node typically).

The mission

It would actually be a series of smaller missions, since we have multiple projects and we use Wappler more and more. We already have 2 web apps in development (saas) using Wappler, and internal apps (like auto-prefill rating reports, presentation supports…) in custom development.


We prefer long missions (e.g. 1 year) due to the many projects we have now and will have later. But we’re open to different durations.

Our philosophy of low-coding

In our current team, we use low-code to empower our developers, as a more efficient alternative to custom coding. We are NOT asking non-developers to take development tasks (no-code philosophy). The target projects are all apps that we would have done in custom dev otherwise, and we keep most of the best practices (coding, project management, etc).

Skills required

  • Wappler, obviously :slight_smile:
  • Full-stack coding professional experience would be highly appreciated (NodeJS, HTML, CSS) since our projects are a mix of both:
    • Front-end (HTML, CSS, UX/UI awareness)
    • Database (SQL, optimised data fetching)
    • Back-end (data processing, sync between databases, automated workflows, etc)
  • React skills and similar front-end frameworks are a plus for side projects outside Wappler + general front-end dev knowledge, but not required