Looking for advice on showing "Status Display" for a customer

Looking for some advice and/or suggestions. Something to make you go “Hmmm. :thinking:

I basically have a status page for a customer that shows data for several different locations of his company. They will not be able to interact with this page, it’s on a monitor with no keyboard/mouse. I need to show something like a flight information display where I show a page of data from one location, wait about 15-20 sec, then show another page of data, and keep repeating. With me so far?

All this data comes from the same table or query rather, only difference is the ID for the location. Back in the day, I probably would have done this with an iframe with the source as a page with my found data using an ID in the querystring, then put a refresh meta tag to refresh to another page of data with another ID, that one refreshes to another, etc. However, I know there is an easier and better way to do this in Wappler. I just want to change out the content, not really refresh the entire page. Maybe a fade out, then fade back in with new data? Scroll vertically with new data? Clean cut to new data is acceptable too.

So, that’s my challenge. Any ideas, suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated.

Did you check action scheuler?

I use action scheduler from time to time to reload the changing data on the screen but could not get it to hide the old data, and load data from a new query for several different queries, then loop back to the first one and start all over.

You have to sign old records ( when data displayed ) .or Store displayed data’s id in different table then query last displayed id+1

Hey @turn3636 have you checked the data iterator component - it shows one record at time, and loops through all of them. And it can be combined with action scheduler: https://www.dmxzone.com/go/32782/dmxzone-app-connect-data-traversal-data-iterator-component/

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I did actually look at that, but I need to display about 30-50 records on a page at a time. All those records have a common identifier for that group and for today’s date. Show that page of 30-50 records for about 15-20 sec, then show another page of 20-50 records, etc and after about 5 groupings (or pages of data) go back to the first one.
My apologies, I don’t think I made that clear in my original post.

Not sure if it’s going to work but please try the following:
Add the iterator with a hidden field inside it and bind the id as a value to it.

Use the hidden field as a filter for a database query and show it’s results on the page.

Change the iterator values with the action scheduler.

Thanks @Teodor, I will try that.

I have to do something very similar in the near future. I’ll be watching this thread to see how you make out.

I’ll be sure and post my results. Good or bad, lol…

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How are the number of pages for that day defined? Is this just a page number from 1 to 5 for example? Or something else?

It is a set number of pages, each page corresponds to a location or group in the system. Probably 5, but it is set and will not change. Each page will show 30-50 results from the query on each page. The reason for doing this is they have around 250 records to display and there is not room on one page to show everything, so they want to break it up into several pages.
Think of the Bootstrap paging where you can click on the next page of results, then another, etc and get to the last page and it starts over. Except this case they don’t interact with the page, it has to be automatic.

OK there you go :slight_smile:

I will leave the explanation to you, as an exercise :slight_smile:


perfect example thanks @George

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Awesome! Thanks. I’ll let you know how it works.