Looking at Wappler, have a few questions

I’m a solo wannabe dev, and I’m looking at using Wappler for my potential first project. I have a few questions on it, though:

  1. It looks like a Pro license is required to support user accounts. Is this correct?

  2. It looks like there’s Google Map integration, which is good because my project idea uses GMaps extensively. How much control do I have over it, though? Can I add my own map markers? If I have an image associated with a map marker (assume I have my own ‘marker’ model, which includes the image along with the Google Marker object), is it possible to display an infowindow with that image when a user clicks the marker?

  3. Now for the real doozie: If my app ‘out-grows’ Wappler, how hard would it be to detach my app from Wappler? I’m not sure if I worded that right. Basically, does a project created by Wappler have any dependancies I would need to strip out if I decided to stop using Wappler?

  1. Yes
  2. You can even do Real Time Position Tracking, see https://www.dmxzone.com/go/32561/dmxzone-google-maps-2-manual (Dreamweaver extension works same in Wappler)
  3. Wappler writes real code, meaning that you can swap and change IDE’s/Text Editors at will.