Hi there Wappler community,
Since the last Wappler update (4.9.0) the login popup is allways appearing.
I have a valid subscription!

Always? When exactly?

Hi Teodor,
I don´t find a pattern. It works fine for one hour and then asks 3 times for login in five minutes.
I was looking for changing my password but I can´t find that function on my account in Wappler site.
Could you help me?

Maybe just try reinstalling Wappler.
You can change your password here in the community, it’s the same for your Wappler login.

Thank you Teodor.

I did the password reset. If I try to enter the user and password it opens a new empty popup. If I cancel it allows me to open the program…
Next step install again the program.

The login issue maintains after uninstalling and installing again.
I can´t send an error report because it asks me to be logged.

If I do cancel the program works.