Login form Not workking

I am trying to create a login page by following the tutorial here Somehow when i test the using live preview mode, i get the redirection on success to work. But when testing in a browser, The redirection does not work and neither does the correct error message pop up. Rather, I get the logged in users identity printed in the browser window.
I also get this (http://localhost/graphicpolicy/dmxConnect/api/security/login.php) link loaded in the Address bar instead of the redirect link

What could i be doing wrong?

Sounds like you may be missing some files which have not been uploaded

Try manually uploading the dmxAppConnect, dmxConnect and dmxConnectLIb folders to your server, in fact basically all those starting with dmx to be safe

Hello , I am doing this test localhost only. Do I still need to upload?

No, in that case files should be in place.

Any messages in the developers console would be a big help, there is really nothing to help diagnose in your question.

One thing to check is that your login form is set to a server connect form rather than a standard one

I have attached screenshots now.

This is the response I get after successful login. It is rather supposed to load another page named dashboad.php

I would have expected any returned identity to be a number, i am guessing Admin is the role?

Can I see your security provider rules and what data type is your primary key for the users table?

this is the users table.

This is the security provider settings. Removed all permissions and conditions but still.

If you can install anydesk remote desktop connection software, you can logon to my machine to check it for me…

Your identity field should be the primary key in your users table so should be “Id” not “accessLevel” and you have not set up any permissions like this

Please re-read the documentation or watch webinar 3 Part 1

I initially set up the permissions but took them off when i read in this tutorial here that it was optional. I will change the primary key and revert.

Omitting the permissions will work but no specific role will be allocated

I have tried this. but still not working. I am getting the same results. Strangest thing is when i use Live view in wappler, i get the expected results. But when I test in Browser, I get these issues. at this moment, i just want the redirection after successful login to work.

My Dev console on the login page

I created a new project and started again and it is working.

Yes,somehow there were files missing which appeard to cause the form to act as a normal post rather than a server action. Glad all good now