Local scoped extensions don't register component with the UI

Wappler Version : 5.5.2
Operating System : MacOS

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

Local scoped extension components should register in the UI

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

They don’t. Using same hjson file to test.

Wappler 18-03-2023 11.56.47 000326

The test extension registers correctly with the UI but the scoped one doesn’t.

Doesn’t register:




The contents of the components.hjson is exactly the same. No errors in it. I’m using the demo one you created.


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The extensions doesn’t register under extensions/ but under node_modules/

extensions/ we use only for custom server connect extensions and those registrations are coming up.

I need to double check later but I think this also happens in any other path.

@george I can confirm that the problem is not with the extensions folder.

The problem is with the name of the module in package.json. If the name is scoped it won’t register. If it’s not scoped it will register.

Maybe it’s not be picking up extensions installed in subfolders in node_modules when installing from file? Are you using npm link?

That same extension when installed from remote registers correctly and it respects the /node_modules/@scope/extension structure upon install.

I’ve done several tests and that’s the pattern.

Is the name correctly and scoped in your package.json ? Because we generate that only initially when there is no package.json yet.

So if you manually converted from not scoped to scoped you also have to adjust the name in the package.json

Yes I double checked. That’s not the problem.
I just created a brand new Wappler project, added a scoped folder structure and used the example hjson from the tutorial. It doesn’t register. It is very easy to reproduce.

  1. Create scoped folder structure.
  2. Create the extension pointing to the extension folder.
  3. Package.json is created correctly with the right name.
  4. Symlink is created correctly in node_modules

But it doesn’t register.

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Found the bugger :slight_smile: will be fixed in the next update

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Just dirtying this thread to put my thanks somewhere.
@JonL Thank you for testing the new extensions so thoroughly. I am so excited to try use it but can’t due to some deadlines.

You trained me like Pavlov’s dogs… whenever I see the glorious Ukranian flag pop up I know my future app connect extension is going to be much easier to make!


Fixed in Wappler 5.5.3

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