Local node server issues

Hi all, new to Wappler here. Walked through this tut just fine, but at the very end, the records do not display from the sqllite table either in Design view nor on page preview. I scrapped everything and reran through the tutorial carefully but still couldn’t get the records to display on-page. Anything silly that might be missing configuration-wise that I need to do or some sort of debug I can run to see where the breakdown might lie? Thanks a bunch

Hi, are the records displaying in your browser?

Thank you for the reply sir. They are not displaying in-browser. I have confirmed the API setup is as plain-jane as can be as well…

Ok then can you check the error as explained in:

That resource was great, thank you. On to something…
Server can’t locate the resource. Is this a familiar error?

FYI, got it to work simply by updating Wappler to latest version 4.7.0 and instant success. Sorry about that time waste, might’ve been a bug of an earlier nodejs engine version. Thanks @Teodor

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