Local Host Browser not Displaying Includes

I created two includes on my page. They are Header.php and Footer.php. Both include files are located in the includes folder. Please refer to screenshot below.

The error message I received is as follows:

Notice the path. Instead of being relative to the root of the website, it is showing it from the root of the local drive. The browser that I am using is Safari. I am also experiencing an issue where the page is not reading the css file. I believe that these are related. When uploaded to the production server it works properly.

Does anyone have a suggestion? It has not happened to me before.

How did you add these includes? Did you enter the path by hand? The path must be relative to the file ../includes, not the root /includes.

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Thank you. I made the site relative to the document instead of the root, as you suggested and it worked. Thank you, Teodor.