Load local files into slideshow

I read the images that exist in a folder and append them into the <dmx-slideshow id="slideshow1">

I need somehow to reload the slideshow so it displays these images. I am using the $( document ).ready(function() to append the images into the slider. Code renders as it should when inspecting it but images do not load inside the silder.

I need to somehow say to the slider to reload so it gets the images appened to it

Thank you

Hi Niko,
Why don’t you use the file system connector to do this?

Never used it before, even dont know that it exists :slight_smile: Can it get the content of a folder and use it as a source for the slideshow? This is a local html file. No serverside no anything. Has to be done with html and js

It requires a server action, but yes - it reads the content of a folder and then can be used as a data source in the slideshow :slight_smile:

Maybe with the localstorage manager it could work?

What’s the issue loading them through an action file?

it has to be a local html file. It will display on a desktop when opening the html file