Live Chat Support

I need to had a Live Chat Support to a website. Does anyone have any suggestions? What does DMXZone use for the live support chat?

Hi Brad,
Please take a look at: - really easy to setup, customize and use.

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Actually looking at that one as we speak. Looks promising. was going to be my suggestion. Superb and free.


Yes… and it has also nice app to reply from mobile too if needed.

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I used freshchat for a client a while ago. Complete support solution like zendesk.

Well was easy to set up but the admin dashboard is simply horrible. The other suggestions have very little info on their websites and seem to be more geared towards sales than support.

Wonder if it is possible to build a live chat with Wappler?

Maybe a fairly basic one. But I use and with that sort of functionality I do not think it could be built with just Wappler. It is quite a full featured system. Might be worth looking at.

@brad I built a chat/messaging service with Dmx extentions when I was still using Dreamweaver. Did not have ability to ‘push’ messages to front end from server/db but used the automater to refresh server connect query every 10 seconds. Bootsnip website has some code samples that are good starting points.


whats wrong with purechat? i use it for over a year now and they have a mobile app too.
not bad for free service. and chat system is like any other web app you do with wappler.
you will not have push tho. (feature that i have requested)