Little help on set value on sc

Hi, hoping can get a little guidance. I have role based setup, I have a session of “admin” (that part is all working). Now as an admin you can load a job into the system and select a userid from a drop down to assign the userid to the job, so loading a job on behalf of a customer, if the customer signs in then it gets their user id.

So, on the server connect that loads the job I did a condition to check for session admin then in the if/else steps if admin == 1 I set value of userid to the post userid, if not admin I user the userid set in identity.

then after the condition steps I do my DB inserts, and here is the problem, in the insert I want to get the set value userid, but it doesnt come up in the data binding.

Am I missing something?


This was a problem once before where bindings don’t show up if in a condition. I would consider that a bug.

To keep moving you can type it in manually and it should work. {{user_id}}

thanks will give that a whirl