Links to (#) causing my pages to exit


Any <a href="#"> on my pages now causes my pages to redirect to my index.php page. This happens for all “on click” mouse actions except when I have specifically linked to another page.

It is a develpment site, so I have a lot of placeholders and this happen on each of them. Also when trying to fire Data Detail selections. I’ve tried removing the Security Provider and Server Connect actions associated with this behavior, but the error persists. (I’ve also tried it in an Incognito window to see if it was related to caching, but that did not help.)

Running Version 3.3.0 Installed today.

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Hi, you should write what version and os you are using.

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Do you use routing in your project?

I see that I did have routing enabled.

I have switched it off, but the problem persists. What do I need to do the clean-up that change? (I have re-published the site.)

Hi Lee, it is probably a route caching issue. But until you get that solved you can replace your <a href="#"> with <a href="javascript:void(0);">. I usually use this instead of <a href="#">

It will get you going anyways.


Thank you.

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You probably have a base tag in your page that was added when you enabled routing. The base tag will make all relative urls relative to the value of that tag.

The pages did have a base tag assigned. I have removed them. Thanks for your help.