LightBox Tutorial?

I have an action that lists the images for each record.
I have already used viewing through LightBox for other sites
But in this case I would just like to use a button to start viewing the images with Lightbox
I don’t understand why but I wrapped myself up in this case

You need to use an anchor button with the light box link

It’s what I tried to do, but obviously I’m wrong

Thank you, but my problem is that I have necessity to display in a LightBoix a gallery of images registered in the database (with repeat children

After a bit of reasoning, I modified and now it works for all the desired images, but inexplicably adds a null image at the beginning with the words “url not supported”
At Teodor’s suggestion, in another site I had solved adding “last -1” but in this case it doesn’t work

Hi Brian
I gave up on the idea of using a button again and went back to using an image
How’s your mom?

Much better thank you!

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