Lightbox LInking issue

I have a page that has a slideshow. When you click on it I want to open a light box and then show the slide show in the larger light box. I made another page that has the secondary slideshow in it and trying to get it to work that way. once the light box opens it says ‘url not suppored’. If i click on that it shows the page and the slideshow works correctly is my logic flawed on how I must be doing this? Check out the test page:

Hi Baub,
You wrapped the whole slideshow in an <a> tag with some href. That’s not going to work.
The lightbox expects a direct link to an image.

I knew that didn’t work. LOL. So how do I link the lightbox to a dynamic list of images, similar to how I did the slide show?

I’ve done it in the past somehow with the dmxzone extensions but can’t figure out how to do the same thing here.

The slideshow currently does not support lightbox.
You can try using swiper instead.

sounds good I’ll give that a try!