License Issue Educational not recogniZed

So I have been here since the beginning or close thereto and as part of the crowdfunding helped to promote the Educational Licensing. I am excited about the launch and how well Wappler works. However,

I downloaded the “free” version, created a test project, and then logged in, since this was the first time I found a mechanism for doing so. My credentials worked, my picture shows up but the license is still listed as “free” and following the profile links creates a Buy Me a license dialogue. My Pro Educational version license is not recognized.

Hey Jim,
Did you follow the activation instructions in the email we sent yesterday?

I didn’t get any emails regarding the release.

Hello Brad,
The mail was sent by “Boris from Wappler” it was about 24hours ago. All of you (indiegogo backers) received access to the release a day earlier.

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Thanks, found it now.

Not that I know of – will go back and look but remember being somewhat surprised about not getting any other notice.

All of you have received the email, so please make sure to check your spam/junk folders.

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Found it and it worked perfectly.

I have checked all of my emails, and junk mails from this week and received no email from Boris about the launch or early access. So I have no license. not in junk folder.

Have a blessed day in the Lord

Jim Arthur

Finally found it in the junk mail on my IP server – change of addresses viewed as junk apparently with all of the extra decoration.

You don’t need the emails, Jim. Just download Wappler from and follow these instructions.

Thanks – worked it out.