Let's Put a "Save File" button somewhere obvious

Maybe I have missed something, but I have not found a File Save command anywhere obvious, save in the File menu. Why not put a button in the right hand or middle columns of the basic Wappler page?

Could i take this one step further and ask for a “SAVE” button as well as a “SAVE & UPLOAD” button, even just a SAVE & UPLOAD shortcut would help greatly,

Basically i find that on a mac hitting cmd+s to save the file is great, however if i click the publish button below, it can take a little time to sync the entire website, so now instead of hitting publish i click the file manager again and right click my single file to select upload which is far quicker.

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I have been requesting this since beta ....





Haha, well in that case it looks like we might not be getting it @brad. Although maybe now that the rest of us have caught up and enough of us are asking the Wappler gods might just help us out. I have the faith of a Coconut that this will happen soon.

I could support this easily as a variation to my request

Sorry @jimatjude, I hijacked your thread with this lot, but happy you would also like to see the secondary functionality.

@psweb – Paul, you highjacked nothing – the great thing I have seen in the Wappler community, especially starting in the early days with those of us testing the betas, is how close knit we have become and how helpful, enthusiastic, and supportive this entire group has become.

Have a blessed week.