Layout templates?

I am using a lot of similar elements across different pages. For example I have a dynamic collapse element that I use throughout my pages which includes a short explanation about a particular subject.

Is there a way to create a template for such elements that can be implemented on different pages? This way the content can vary but the design/layout is managed centrally.

What would be the best way to achieve this (without NodeJS )?

I don’t know if I understood your question right, but did you try the ‘includes’?
If it is a PHP page I think this is what you are looking for.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the suggestion, I am aware of includes but it seems a bit of an overkill to have a separate page for small design elements. Moreover, how would I pass in data into the includes?

Let’s say I have:

PHP page
Server connect that loads data
Include file

How would I pass on the Server connect data into the include file? without having to change the include file?

The SC actions should be available if they’re set up in the included file. For example, I usually create a header file which contains features which will work across the whole site - the logged in user, the notifications component, the browser component, etc. as well as the navigation and header graphics (logo, etc.) so all the pages which include that file have access to all those elements.