Layout template functionality error on save missing folders and files

Wappler Version : 3.0.0 beta 5.
Operating System : MAC OS 10.15.5

Expected behavior

Not receiving errors because of missing folders and files.

Actual behavior

  1. Following the instructions here Creating template based pages and layout in Wappler with NodeJS creating a page as specified I get the following error on save?

All node files are up to date.

There is no folder "app/config"

  1. Preview with the template layouts does not work and returns a 404 which I assume is the missing folder and “routes.json” file?

  2. Can’t add custom .css file to a new ejs file with a layout header. Adding a style file create a terminal message:

Page Includes: Asset add to head: css/style.css
Page Includes: Head node changed successfully

But does not add it anywhere and keeps providing the message: "No user style file attached"

Adding a new project it does add the folder and the config folder and file, but for existing projects when you update Wappler it did not add the file, assume this must be a folder and file added in beta 5.

This was resolved in the last beta