Launch command linux shell

Hello, I have two programs on my linux server that I would like to launch two programs in s linuxhell, is it possible to do it via wappler? thank you


Hi. You will have to write a custom extension that can run shell commands.
I have done it before in php.

I call the page directly by passing my variables in the url

             $jpg = shell_exec('wkhtmltoimage --crop-h 1000 --javascript-delay 2000 --disable-smart-width '.$_GET["id"].' /www/wwwroot/'. $_GET["name"].'.jpg');
             echo "$jpg";

$pdf = shell_exec('wkhtmltopdf '.$_GET["id"].' --allow /www/wwwroot/'.$_GET["name"].'.pdf');
echo "$pdf"

is it possible to execute it thanks to the API function, for my part it shows me the result without executing the command