Launch an .exe file

Hi everyone,
I need to launch an .exe file or a windows batch from a connect server.
The file is inside a project folder.
In your opinion is it possible?

It depends greatly on what your trying to do and what your language is

this gives some ideas for Nodejs

node.js - execute a batch file from nodejs - Stack Overflow

potential for php

How to execute batch file via PHP? - Stack Overflow

Thanks for the reply, I use node.js.
In the link you sent me I think there is also a javascript example, is it possible to launch a batch from javascript?
It would definitely be easier

I think there are a few things to consider it sounds like what you want to do is run a batch file inside the project folder. So I am going to assume you are running a windows machine. if your not its a bit different

start looking at this for say node 18 as its different on unix vs windows platforms

Don’t confuse JavaScript that runs in the browser (client-side) from JavaScript that runs in NodeJS (server-side).

Everywhere you see JavaScript code related to execution, it’s always server-side.