Latest release most stable yet?

Appears to us that with the latest release it is the most stable so far (Node/Docker). Congratulations to the Team on all the hard work. For the first time we have deployed the Beta Channel across the board for all of our current Projects and everything is working great in a live capacity. Can’t be far off being the Stable release?

Great job @patrick @Teodor @George



That’s good to know. We’re some way off of dipping into 6.x world but this is very encouraging

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I’m not sure if 6.1.2 is the most stable yet. I had way less problems with 5.8.*

I’m having the same issues with layouts not remembering states for the last few version updates. I find Wappler 6.1.2 more frustrating to use compared to earlier iterations.

Hopefully it’ll get better in the near future.

Do you have any other issues that cause instability?

No other issues, but my resizing issue is appearing in almost every pop up window so it’s a pretty bad one with regard to usability.