Last week of project names with destination folders doesn't show up

Wappler Version : 2.1.5 PRO version
Operating System : Mac 10:14.5 Mojave

Expected behavior

When I make a new project and save it I expect to find it the next time I open Wappler

Actual behavior

It seems that in the past week with the previous Wappler version & now the new upload 2.1.5 that after making a new Project, defining a friendly Name & then defining the Mamp server folder where all the files will go I can not just Save all files after working on the project, Close & Exit
Then later re-open Wappler and see this project in my Project Manager.

Project Manager does not store that project or other projects I saved in the past week.

I am saving each new project in this path:
/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/firstapp or /saturdayapp or /friday_app

in that manner

However, other projects I made weeks ago in this same project store folder path ARE showing up.

For the moment I am looking for the config file in the wappler application where I can manually add these project names & local computer paths.

I confess I don’t fully follow what you mean but the configuration file you are looking for should be found in the root of your site in a folder called .wappler (note dot prefix)
The configuration is stored in the file project.json

Always use the latest Wappler.

Also as the Wappler projects are fully self contained in their folders, even if you don’t have them in Wappler, you can drag their folders on top of the project manager window and they will be imported back.

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Thank you, George for the “drag their folders on top of the project manager window and they will be imported back”

That is handy!