I have a question about whether the studio contains other languages ​​like Chinese language? If not, it will be unusable for people who do not speak English, and they can only choose bubble. Is there any chance to add it?

Wappler is currently available in English only.

Bubble is only available in english. I don’t see any difference. Your statement is misleading at best.

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Terminological problems can occur in use in non-English languages. may not be the exact equivalent of some words For this reason, I think it only makes sense to be in English.


That ’s right, although the bubble is an English version, he can at least let us use it on the browser because we can configure the translation function to use it together. Yes, most of the builders use English because the computer was created by a western country. It comes, but when you want to develop him on a large scale to the whole world, you ignore one thing, although all humans in the world are all the same, only the language is different, not everyone They are all proficient in world languages. For example, I give it to you now (你能明白我现在说的这段文本的意思吗??) Can you understand it in an untranslated environment? Even if this product is free for us to use, it won’t help much. Do you understand what I mean? I did n’t mean to make trouble, I just sincerely said that this product has not yet succeeded in creating the world ’s honorable brand for you. The reason why the most people use it is to tell you. If it improves, you will feel me in the future. Is the idea right or wrong