Knex timeout error when directly connecting to database

I’m trying to set up a new direct connection to my database and I get the following error:

Knex: Timeout acquiring a connection. The pool is probably full. Are you missing a .transacting(trx) call?

Well this is a common error when your database is unreachable with the direct connection.

So make sure it is all up and running and you can access it remotely. So that your ip at least is authorized and tge port is open and not blocked.

For more secure connections you can also use the ssh tunneling option.

I checked with the provider and was told that my IP was not blacklisted so I should be able to connect. The database is up and running, as I can access through my hosting control panel and make changes. As far are accessing remotely, can you suggest another way I can test the connection remotely?

Hi Cynthia…Same problem but with my local db…I see you got no reply to your question…did you manage to sort it?


No, I was never able to figure this out. I had to focus on another site project so this was placed in the back burner for now. If you figure it out, I would be greatly appreciate if you can share the fix. Thanks.

i solved it by turning off the windows defender.

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