JsSIP implementation


Today I’ve been wanting to implement to my project the JsSIP plugin to receive and make calls directly from my page.

As I said previously in other topics, I’m not a coder, so I’m having some problem to implement the code in the page. It would be very helpful if I could take a look to the html code with the js already implemented.

If someone uses this plugin or something, I would appreciate it.


We are voip provider in Turkey .
If your voipswitch supports webrtc you can use jssip otherwise implementation will be difficult .

Mizu voip is working with all softswitchs .

Yesterday I’ve tried Mizu’s solution and worked fine for outgoing calls, yet for ingoing calls it wouldn’t work. Guess what could be happening?

did you check sip debug logs ?

I could receive a voice call! Yet the prices are very high. I would only requiere the VoIP switch to get the caller ID info directly on the web, not to actually answer the phone calls using chrome.

you need to sip debug on client side and softswitch side …

yes it is expensive but working perfect and easy

please check your nat configuration (check local nat and carrier grade nat)…