JSON binding problem


Iam trying to add an JSON Data source. After selecting the data from the object i am not getting the value.

Working with JSON Data

You select the data object as a repeat expression.
Then in the repeat you bind what’s under the repeat in the data picker, not under the JSON data source:


It is displaying as {{name}}, but i am not getting the values.


Please provide a link to your page, where i can check this.


I am beginner to wappler so please let me know where to get the link.


Well, just upload it to your server and send me the link to the site.
Are you sure you have setup a target with a server? Working locally with JSON data won’t work, you need a server to run your page(s).


I Have followed the above steps to give Json Data source.But i couldn’t see the response.

After Mapping field as shown in above image i cannot see any response.

Working with JSON Data

Please read my previous replies.