JSON and using this data in a table with an app and website

Hi. I wish to bring in data to a table that’s in JSON format. Can you please help me in getting this data in to a table? Once I have this data I want to the have actions on each row in the table IE call an api and all the site to update the information via a post.

I can get this working with a JSON file on the disk BUT it doesnt work when its a URL.

Is it on a remote server? Can you send the json url?

It is on a remote server. Coming from a https url.

I can’t give you access to the url. Sorry.

If the url is required I can send it to the support email address.

does it have a proper JSON format? have you checked?

Yes I validated that.

I tried to load this in Wappler and it worked

Below is the code

 <body is="dmx-app">
    <dmx-json-datasource id="jsonDS1" is="dmx-serverconnect" url="http://mysafeinfo.com/api/data?list=englishmonarchs&amp;format=json"></dmx-json-datasource>
    <ul dmx-repeat:repeat1="jsonDS1.data">

Hope it helps.

Hi.Not to worry I have replaced the file path with the URL and now it works.

It is slow however it works.


Jon Hallam