Javascript SEO, routing or static

Google refuses to render my cool Wappler pages. says too many HTTP request on an otherwise A-B grade.
Google inspect Live test>>Tested Page>> More info: 92/100 resources could not be loaded! Showing only framework of page, no dynamic content.
After perusing/posting Google webmaster forums I came upon this:
Google’s Martin Splitt series on Javascript SEO:
He says not all search bots can render JavaScript
Touting this as a possable solution after vids on view, react…:
Google says no need for routing, but also says keep parameters to 1 or 2. also links should be traditional, definately NOT javascript nor #.
Ok, cool…but do I have too, really?

My wappler built section consists of an art gallery of 3 main pages: search, categorys, items:
Using routing:
Using routing:

I need my item pages indexed. Long ago I got 1,000+ unique IPs per day from Google , now only or 5, yikes!
I am able to download static copies of item pages using Web Content Extractor and File ReNamer, great!
Soooo, do I feed search bots the static copies, use Dynamic rendering, routing on off…???
I am leaning towards static item pages as nothing is easier for search bots trying to index entire web universe without loading all my page resources.
I am only a visual coder so installing JS Renderer on my server looks scary without help…and am usually behind in my real job of creating statues.

I know this is a loaded topic, hence in the lounge. No one answer…but I just want rich product pages of artworks that goo can index and clients can find.
Hopefully the Wappler community of gurus can help point me in best time saving direction, maybe more server side. Sincerely, Chris Dixon

Chris, search for cobb & co bush hats which is the third downstream dynamically linked page. Then have a look at the title and description in the source code and compare that with your pages.

Search listing is like the white/yellow pages of the bygone era, if you are not listed, forget it. The most important part of search engine optimisation is Page Title and Page Description/Content, leaving page speeds and number of http requests for dead.

Now I am going to find myself in hot water when I say that Page Title and Page Description are best handled on the server where the content is converted into static text.

My method is to use old fashioned PHP MySQLi/PDO as in

This is the result in Google when searching for cobb & co Leather hats where I have placed a tick next to pages with a dynamic link.

As a side note, the site was built using Wappler in record time and to the full satisfaction of my client. They use the CMS part to update the site themselves.

Incidently, the site scores much less in Pingdom then yours.

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Understand on title/Description content advice. But Google search console Live Test does not even load my title/description…nor any dynamic page content, hence is not indexed. I think is like view source without dynamic content. maybe because is client side? I am ok with using PHP on my LAMP server for these pages …Alas, I am a very novice programmer Brian. I study your tutorials and consider your webinars a privilege to view. Image shows code on left, screenshot would show template, like PHP page not executed

Chris, I got myself into hot water alright, it took me a while to see that I am showing my age. There is no need to use the PHP… method that I used. That is a remnant of a previous era when search engines did not recognise JavaScript.

This is what search engines see when they go to one of your pages:

It’s all there, maybe a bit too long, but it’s there.

My apologies for the false alarm. I am glad to have discovered this though, it makes life a lot easier.

Googling for Amercan Artist's Gallery gave me:

So all good!

Edit: The art is to use Titles and Descriptions that people will use to look for your site.

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Maybe it is me who should apologize…to clarify any insinuation that Wappler not indexable or Google can not digest Javascript. I just uploaded routing 24 hours ago on myserver. asked google to index pelican mailbox page only…no new sitemap yet and boom…other “item pages” are showing now automajically! [see screenshot] maybe routing helped?? The artgallery/index.htm you found was mostly static content. The Item pages They were not being indexed before and I was sharing my research here grasping for options. You are right, it is time to polish the Titles and Descriptions and get a sitemap update now!
Hey, no worries about age Brian, your experience turns into expertise. started my biz back in 1976 …Dmx since 2005 …yet my youngest son is only 14 months so results are needed!! Wappler is Definitely the best modern visual coding program since Macromedia’s Dreamweaver. I remember George’s extensions, those days sharpened his experience into this robust beautiful Wappler. Thanks for allowing me to produce a scalable product presentation. Thanks to your community support and education Brian for turning mountains into mirages

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I see that you are confusing me with Brian (@Hyperbytes) . We are twins, but he has always been the slow one. It took him 14 years after me to arrive on the scene. :sunglasses:


Poor @Hyperbytes:crazy_face:

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Ben, OK I apologize I was confused, need reading glasses :nerd_face:. Must be the lack of full nights sleep for 2 years with an infant son at 57. Like parents, It is our responsibility to teach, share orneriness, experiences skills and love; else the world will be full of big babies. The evolution of search, dynamic websites and mobile apps is very gratefully being taught to the next generation by the Wappler team. Cheers!