Issues with files not loading

Just a quick update: First, I forgot to mention that I started that page with version 3.3.8 and update to 3.9.9 later on so could it be something with version 3.9.7? Maybe yes maybe no.
I tried many things to try to solve this issue but for some reason the linking to the file just don’t work.

So now I tried setting up a new project for test purpose and it work fine so far, I only added some image and styling and they show correctly.

Since it is not a complex project only a static page I will build a new page from scratch using a new project and probably use the CSS file from original project to save some time.

Wappler Version : 3.9.9
Operating System : Windows 10 pro
Server Model:
Database Type:
Hosting Type: Custom

What do you think should happen?

Note: Not sure if it is a bug but since this happen to me for the first time and after I upgraded to 3.9.9 so I presume there is a possibility…

So I have a simple static 1 page project and everything should show correctly once on the server.

What actually happens?

In design view everything work fine and when I click “view in browser” everything is showing fine too.

BUT: After transferred to server everything should show (design, layout etc.)
When I open the page I only see the plain text.

From the debug console I get many 404 file not found errors : Ex.:
Failed to load for element whose source is “file: ///dmxAppConnect/dmxBootstrap4Navigation/dmxBootstrap4Navigation.js”
And same thing for pretty much all other files.

The page can be found here:

Also when opening the page in Firefox directly from the folder in windows explorer the same happen: No css/layout only plain text and I get about same errors.

How to reproduce

I created the project with these settings:

I created a page. (Note that I renamed it from index.php to index.html.) before adding stuff to it.

I just don’t get why everything only work in design view and when click “Show in browser”.

Thank you for your support.

How did you setup ftp did you specify the subfolder?

I used Filezilla and uploaded the files to the sub folder (michee).

Have you ever done this before this way? not something ive tried but it still seams to be looking in the wrong areas for the links its expecting appconnect here
but finding it in the sub folder like this

wapplers ftp does have a remote directory option maybe this is how it knows to adjust the links seen as site root doesn’t seem to fix anything

I suppose another fix (maybe im not sure this is recommended) would be to open code view and manually add /michee to the links starting with a / like app connect and local bootstrap

Yes I did that many times before, did not work with Wappler for a while and I might be a little “rusty” but now that I see I get the same errors even when opening the page directly from the folder (in windows explorer) it tell me definitely something is wrong.
Usually for a simple static page it usually wotk fine so if it does not work even on my pc it will not work elsewhere. Only way it work is in design view and “Show in browser” from wappler.

Yes I already did manually add “michee” in the links nu no luck.